Mine Bitcoins in our farms with your BHP tokens 

The mining farms

We contracted floor space in mining farms located in out-of-reach locations where electricity is very cheap and it is coming mostly from green energy sources. Currently, the cost of mining in our farms is 7 euro cents per KWh (all inclusive of any other costs like floor space, management fees, etc…), this could change in the future accordingly to the market price of electricity.


100% renewable green energy coming from geothermic and hydroelectric sources power our mining farm


Our miners in Texas are powered by solar and natural gas, in New York and Iowa by eolic. In the USA a small share of non-green sources is used for continuity


The mining farm in Manitoba is powered entirely by hydroelectric energy and the cool climate makes it an ideal location for mining

Mine on our farms through Cryptosmart

BHP tokens are listed on the exchange Cryptosmart, there you can not only buy and sell BHP you can also subscribe to the mining service in our mining farms. On your wallet in Cryptosmart you will receive the Bitcoins reward for the mining activity after having deducted the cost of electricity for running the share of the miner represented by the BHP token.

Currently, the power efficiency of the BHP token is 30Wh, considering that the cost inclusive of any other costs like floor space, management fees, etc… for mining on our farms is 7 Euro cents per 1 kWh (this may change if the market price of electricity changes) one month of electricity for the BHP token costs 1,5 Euro.  However, you do not need to pay the electricity cost directly as this is taken out of the mining rewards before these are distributed.

In order not to lose value, a portion of the Bitcoins generated through the hashrate of the BHP token are allocated to purchase a replacement machine. Replacement costs vary over the years and are not a fixed amount, but can be quantified as approximately 30 percent of the revenue generated by the miner. Each new machine purchased will be allocated to BHP token holders to compensate for the loss of the miners efficency trough time.

At any time you can check the total hashrate and mined bitcoins on the transparency page.

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