Mine Bitcoins with the Hash Power token (BHP)

Every BHP is backed by one Terahash of Bitcoin mining hardware

The BHP tokens are listed on Cryptosmart exchange, where you can buy sell and mine Bitcoins with your BHPs

1 BHP = 1 Terahash of Bitcoin Hashrate

BHP is an ERC20 token on Ethereum. 1 BHP represents 1 Terahash of Bitcoin miner Hash Power. Each BHP is backed one by one with the terahash of a real miner machine.

You can use BHP in our farms to mine Bitcoins

Or if you prefer you can redeem them instead and have the actual miner sent to the mining farm of your choice

The miners are placed in strategic locations

The miners are placed in mining farms in locations where electricity is cheap, comes mostly from green sources and the climate is cold to minimize cooling costs

84 Bitcoin miners

How Bitcoin mining works

Bitcoin transactions are grouped in a block

Once the block is formed, miners compete to solve it

After it is resolved, the transactions are verified by the network

The new block of verified transactions is connected to a chain of previous blocks

For solving the block, the miners are rewarded with Bitcoins by the blockchain

Our mining farms are in countries where electricity is very cheap

Mine Bitcoins in our farms with your BHP tokens

You can mine Bitcoin activating the BHP tokens in our farms, you will receive the Bitcoins mined less the electricity costs for running your share of the mining hardware. The farms are located in stable jurisdictions but in out-of-reach locations where electricity is abundant and it is coming mostly from green sources

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